Maharani Review: Sahab, Biwi Aur Bihar

Maharani Review: Sahab, Biwi Aur Bihar

Maharani Review: Years ago, when Lalu Prasad Yadav had to leave the post of Chief Minister, he surprised not only the opposition but also the leaders of his party by making his wife Rabri Devi the Chief Minister. Rabri lacked political acumen and experience was zero. This decision and Rabri Devi were ridiculed a lot, but Rabri did a better job than expected. Based on this incident, the ‘Maharani’ series has been made. (Maharani Review)

The series’ heroine Rani (Huma Qureshi) is replaced by her husband and Bihar Chief Minister Bhima Bharti (Soham Shah) when she is attacked with a life-threatening and paralysis attack. Illiterate, the queen who never came out of the wall of the house, instead of the house, the responsibility of handling Bihar falls. At first, a lot of fun is made of Anjaan Rani due to political maneuvering. Mistake at the swearing-in ceremony. Scenes such as the Queen’s asking who is going to be the Minister of Railways in the division of ministers’ portfolios show the Queen’s ignorance. Gradually Rani becomes aware of the tricks of the game of politics and gets an investigation done against a big scam which creates a stir. The honest quality of the queen outweighs many shortcomings. Due to running the government in her own way, she becomes the eyes of many people and the process of toppling her government starts.

Subhash Kapoor has written this political drama. We have already seen things like political upheaval, conspiracy to topple the government, fraud, opportunism, nepotism, corruption in some political dramas. Despite this, the series looks good. Subhash Kapoor’s writing is very strong and he has written well the speeches given by the leaders. The ups and downs at the right time keep the curiosity intact.

The series examines the politics of Bihar in depth. Even after years of independence, the gap between the forward and the backward is divided and politicians are taking advantage of it a lot. It is shown in the series that the constable of the upper caste does not eat food with the officer of the backward caste.

To deepen the gap between the forward and the backward, the politicians have raised their class leaders. They have been loaded with guns and money and by making them weapons they fulfill their political interests. The tactics necessary to run the government, the chain of corruption, the dissolution of leaders, leaders hovering around the chair like a vulture, bureaucracy, pressure on the police, leaders and officers who stifle the share of the common man, have been included in this series. Brings the face of politics in front of the people.

The first four episodes of the series are great, but the upcoming few episodes tend to slow down and become routine. Finally again this series picks up speed. The illiterate and uneducated queen’s quick turn into a shrewd player of politics may upset some people, as the makers have not spent much footage on it. But this can be ignored.

Good work by director Karan Sharma. He has got the actors to perform well, but he could not get the same work out of the editor. This series could have easily been shortened by one and a half inches, which would have made it look more agile. Some episodes could have been removed.

Huma Qureshi has never got a better opportunity than this. He exploited it a lot. Though his range is not much, but his acting impresses. There are not many familiar faces apart from Huma, but everyone is doing a great job. Soham Shah as Bhima Bharti, Amit Sial as Naveen Kumar, Pramod Pathak (Mishraji), Kani Kasturi (Kaveri), Inamulhaq (Parvez Alam), Vineet Kumar (Gauri Shankar Pandey) appeared in full form. He not only captured his characters closely, but brought them to life. The casting director selected the right cast for the characters. (Maharani Review)

Maharani shows the real face of Indian politics and this can be given time.

  • Director: Karan Sharma
  • Cast: Huma Qureshi, Soham Shah, Amit Sial, Inamulhaq, Pramod Pathak, Vineet Kumar
  • Season : 1 * Episode : 10
  • Available on SonyLIV
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