Are you always late? So this 5 Minute Makeup Routine of Mira Kapoor is best for you, watch video

Makeup Routine of Mira Kapoor

Makeup Routine of Mira Kapoor: Like me, do you watch many makeup tutorial videos everyday till late night and then keep practicing them for the next 2 hours to try and learn them on yourself? So maybe you too can understand the pain of being a makeup enthusiast like me because even after giving so much time to makeup, you are not able to do it properly. Why is it that all the good things in life are either expensive or hard to get?

Meanwhile, recently Mira Kapoor has shared a very easy 5 minute makeup tutorial reel on her Instagram and it is very easy to do makeup in this way. Even if you too are getting late in knowing somewhere, then you too can easily try this look. This look is very easy to achieve and it is amazing too – so watch the video soon. Makeup Routine of Mira Kapoor.

Mira Kapoor’s Easy Makeup Routine


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This makeup look of Mira Kapoor is such, which you too can easily get it within 5 minutes. You may be surprised to hear this or you are wondering how this can happen but it is completely true. If not 5 then you can easily apply this makeup look within 6 to 7 minutes. If you really want to try this makeup look, then you need these things.

Step 1- Eyes

Meera may have already set the base but in this video she starts straight with her eyes. You can also use tan or nude eyeshadow shade like Mira for this. Blend the pigment well on your eyelid. After this, with the help of eyeshadow pencil, blend the dark pigment like the outside of the eyelid. For this it is good to use eyeshadow pencil as it can be used easily. After this take the pencil and apply the eyeliner.

Step 2- Blush

Always use a cream blush formulation for natural looking skin. For this, dab a little pigment on your blush placement area and blend it well with the help of a blender or fingers.

Step 3- Lips

Meera has used glossy lip shade in her video. Instead of matte, glossy lip shade gives you a fresh and refreshing look.

Step 4- Eyebrows

Meera finally set her eyebrows. Even though she did it in the last but she did not forget it because eyebrows are a very important feature of your face and because of this never forget to do eyebrows.

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