5 Makeup Trends You Can Try This Festive Season

5 Makeup Trends You Can Try This Festive Season

If it is the time of the festival, then it is necessary to be a little ready and do a different make-up. If you are also looking for makeup inspiration for your festive look, then you can try these makeup trends in the festive season. By adopting these, you can give a glamorous touch to your look according to the atmosphere and festival.

1. Minimalism

Minimal makeup is the first choice of every girl these days and this is the reason why this makeup trend will be liked by girls of all ages even on the occasion of this festival.

2. Fresh, Dewy Base

Dewy base not only makes the face glow, it also makes the face look very fresh. For dewy makeup, add two drops of liquid highlighter to your foundation. You can also mix powder highlighter into your foundation.

5 Makeup Trends You Can Try This Festive Season

3. Big Eyes and Lips

Nude lips with heavy eye makeup give the perfect balance to the face. This makeup trend was also liked in the year 2021 and this time too it is perfect for festive glam.

4. Soft Smokey Eyes

Instead of black Smokey eye, this time in the festive season, adopt Smokey eye look with pastel shades. Soft, pastel shades are also in trend and give a young, soft look to the face.

5. Cole and Falls Eyelashes

Dark kajal or Cole is perfect to give makeup a different look from the normal days of makeup. Complementing your look with deep (Makeup Trends), black or blue collar with false eyelashes is a good choice for a festive look.