Moisturizer For Oily Skin during Pregnancy

Moisturizer For Oily Skin during Pregnancy

Many women must have heard complaining of dry skin in pregnancy. But there are some women who have the problem of excessively oily skin during pregnancy. This is more common in women who already have oily and combination skin. The main reason for oily skin in pregnancy is hormonal changes. Because of these, the sebum glands of some women start producing excessive oil.

Many women feel that their skin is oily, so they do not need to apply moisturizer. That’s just what dry skin needs. But, this is your misunderstanding. Whether it is dry skin or oily, it is necessary to do (CTM) Cleansing Toning and Moisturizing for skin care. Of course, there are different products for each skin.

By the way, whatever skin you have during pregnancy, choosing skin care products for them is a huge task. Because during this time women do not have the freedom to use every product. In times like these, women are asked to use only natural and dermatologist tested pregnancy safe skin care products. This is the reason why in this article we will discuss about which moisturizer cream should be used for oily skin in pregnancy.

How to take Care of Oily Skin during Pregnancy

Below are information related to how to take care of oily skin properly in pregnancy:

Facewash- Always choose a gel based cleanser for face wash in pregnancy. Milky and acne wash can have a bad effect on the skin. Wash your face thoroughly every morning after waking up and before going to bed at night.

Moisturizer- You learned above in the article that having natural oil on oily skin in pregnancy does not mean that it does not need to be moisturized. You just need to choose products according to oily skin. For oily skin in pregnancy, choose oil free moisturizer only. Also, oil-free moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid and niacinamide are considered better.

It is important to keep the following things in mind while choosing skin care products during pregnancy:

  • Be it face wash or cream, no product contains any harmful chemicals.
  • Make sure to check whether the skin care product is dermatologist tested or not.
  • Artificial fragrance is not used.
  • Parabens, mineral oils, sulfates are not used.
  • Toxins be free.

Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin During Pregnancy 

Below are sharing information related to a good moisturizer for oily skin in pregnancy, which are as follows:

Pregnant women suffering from oily skin can use ‘Vitamin-C Oil Free Moisturizer’ formulated by ‘The Moms Co’. The special thing about this cream is that no harmful substances have been used in it. This cream is dermatologist and clinically tested. Its use is safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Talking about the ingredients of this moisturizer cream, then hyaluronic acid, vitamin-C, niacinamide and aloe Vera gel have been used in it. It nourishes the skin deeply and maintains the natural glow of the skin. At the same time, the aloe Vera gel included in it heals the skin and protects it from any kind of irritation. In this way, this cream can prove to be a better option for women troubled by oily skin in delivery.

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In this article, you got information related to the care of oily skin in pregnancy. Hope you have got the answers to all your questions related to oily skin through this article. Every woman’s skin is different. Therefore, before using any cream directly on the face, do a patch test on the back of the elbow. is your ultimate lifestyle destination and personal guide invites you to take a tour of exclusive information on Beauty, Health, Fashion, Relationships, Celebrities, Travel, Food, Parenting and more. Contact Email: