New Year Goa Vacation Plan Tips 2023

New Year Goa Vacation Plan Tips 2023: If you really want to enjoy the beauty of nature, then you can choose the option of Goa. Here you will find everything that will make your romance romantic. If we talk about the weather of Goa, then except for the rainy season, the weather of Goa is almost always the same. One can also enjoy going to Goa (Plan Vacation Tips 2023) especially in winters, but let us tell you that before going to Goa, you must take care of some special things.

New Year Goa Vacation Plan Tips 2023

During Christmas and New Year, many people are planning to go out for a walk. Due to the upcoming holidays, many people are thinking of going out with their friends and relatives. If you are also planning to go out somewhere during this time then Goa can be a good option. You can celebrate Christmas and New Year with a bang in Goa. If there is a plan to go to Goa, then first know the complete information about it.

Book in Advance

Goa is about 1800 km away from Delhi. So this distance for Mumbai-Pune is only 500 km. So you can easily reach Goa within few hours. Many facilities like train, plane, car are available for you to go to Goa. However, for this you have to book in advance. Because hotels, flights and club entry have already been booked for the New Year. (New Year Goa Vacation Plan Tips 2023)

How to go from Delhi to Goa?

You can travel from Delhi to Goa by bus, train and flight. You can easily book train tickets from IRCTC. The train ticket from Delhi to Goa will cost you around Rs.2,050. You can also go by road via Mumbai, Pune. Even traveling by train will cost you less and enjoy more, especially when you are going in a group with your friends and family. (Goa Vacation Plan Tips 2023)

What to visit in Goa

There are many places to visit in Goa. You can visit many places like Pandolium Beach, Baga Beach, Aguda Fort, Anjuna Beach, Tito’s Nightclub. You will also find many good places to celebrate New Year. Make arrangements for accommodation in advance for the places you are going to visit. If you book the hotel late then you may have to spend extra money. (New Year Goa Vacation Plan Tips)

Famous in Goa

There are many things in Goa that you will like but usually Goa is more famous for 3 things. Firstly, the beaches here. There are not 1 but about 40 such beautiful beaches where you can see the sea closely. The second one is cashew. Goa’s shelled cashews are very famous, you must try it once. And the third is the drinks here like Fanny, Desmondji, Armada and Urak. (Goa Vacation Plan Tips)

Enjoy both the views and the chatter

You can also enjoy delicious food in Goa surrounded by natural beauty and greenery all around. If you eat non-veg then you can enjoy many types of dishes. On the other hand, if you are a vegetarian then there is no problem, you can also enjoy street food.

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