How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer Tips

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer Tips

Who doesn’t love a good scent or smell? There are many people who like to collect different types of perfumes. It happens to all of us that when we apply perfume or someone else passes by wearing perfume, then in a moment the smell rises and suddenly a joy covers the face. But have you ever thought that the perfume that you apply, the fragrance remains for a while, but the fragrance of others’ perfumes (Perfume Last Longer Tips) remains for a long time or longer. The reason behind this is to use perfume properly.

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer Tips

Whenever perfume is used, its smell comes from all over the body but after some time its effect ends. But if you use the perfume properly, then its smell will last for a long time. Here we are telling you the right way to apply some such perfume, as well as some such tricks and tips, with the help of which you can make yourself smell longer.

Use Vaseline

Petroleum jelly Vaseline is in almost everyone’s homes and we use it only on our lips. But not many people know that you can also use it to make the fragrance of perfume last longer. For this, apply Vaseline on the skin first and then use perfume. The fragrance of the morning will remain till the evening.

Moisturize Before Spray

Keep in mind that dry skin cannot retain the fragrance of perfume for a long time, which is why you should moisturize your skin well before applying your perfume and then spray perfume after that. Because if you apply perfume without moisturizer, then the skin will absorb it completely and the smell will end after some time.

Do not Apply on Clothes But on Skin

Very few people know that by applying perfume directly on the skin, its fragrance remains for a long time. It not only protects your clothes from the risk of getting stains, but also keeps the smell for a long time and this is responsible for the heat of your body.

Do not rub the area immediately after Applying Perfume

Many people have a habit of rubbing the part of the body on which they apply perfume. Often people apply perfume on one wrist and rub it on the other wrist. While there is no need to do this, it breaks down the molecules of the perfume and the fragrance does not last long.

Apply Perfume on These Body Parts

It is not that you can spray perfume wherever you want. Not only does this ruin your expensive perfume, but the smell also vanishes in no time. That is why use perfume on those parts of the body where the fragrance lasts longer. Such parts of the body are the knees, the inner part of the elbow, the back of the neck and your wrist.

Store Perfume in the Right Place

Most people keep their perfume on the dressing table or in the bathroom. But do not keep perfume at all in such a place where there is more moisture, sunlight or heat. Because the fragrance of perfume flies away in these places. So store it in a cool and dry place only. Well the fridge is the best place to store perfume.

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