Potato and Banana Peel Health Benefits

potato and banana peel health benefits

Potato and Banana Peel Health Benefits: Potatoes in vegetables and bananas in fruits are such special things that everyone likes to eat. But no one eats their peels. However, their peels are very beneficial for your health and skin. The special thing is that these peels help to keep you away from many diseases. Especially if you are trying to lose weight, then their peels can prove to be very helpful for you.

Potato and Banana Peel Health Benefits

Potato and banana peels are rich in calcium, vitamin C and B complex as well as iron. It is good for many diseases like weight loss and high blood pressure. Due to the presence of calcium and vitamins in their peel, its consumption strengthens bones. Vitamin B gives strength and energy to the body throughout the day. Therefore, try to consume potato and banana peel as much as possible. So let us know what are the benefits of eating potato and banana peel and how we can consume them.

Benefits of Potato Peel

Potatoes have high fiber content. It can also strengthen your digestion. It is high in fiber and does not cause stomach upset. The problem of constipation is also removed. That is why potato peels are said to be very beneficial. Potato peels contain a large amount of iron. Due to this, the lack of blood in your body is completed. That’s why you must use potato peels in your food.

How to Consume

You can make potato peel by washing it well, chopping it finely and mixing it with dry vegetables. Or if you want, you can mix potato peels with the peels of Luffa, Gourd etc. and make it a vegetable by sifting it. Apart from this, you can also make spicy snacks by de-frying potato peels.

Benefits of Banana Peel

If we talk about banana peel, then it is also very beneficial for your healthy life. Banana peel contains lutein, which prevents cataract in the eyes. Banana peels contain vitamin-B, especially vitamin-B6, along with being anti-oxidants. Contains soluble and non-soluble fiber, which slows down the function of the digestive system, reducing cholesterol from the body

How to Consume

To include banana peel in your diet, you must first wash the banana peel. Put a glass of water on the gas, put banana peel in it and boil this water well for ten minutes and then drink this water. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of vascular disease. You can also grind the banana peel by drying it in a mixer. Drinking banana peel powder mixed with water every morning also helps in weight loss.

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