How to Protect the Eyes from Screen Light Tips

How to Protect the Eyes from Screen Light Tips: During the COVID epidemic, almost most of the people’s offices reached their homes. A new trend of work from home has started. In such a situation, the time of travel and gossip with friends also started on the laptop. Most of us have been spending more than half our time in front of some screen like TV, mobile, computer or laptop. Now whether we are doing this for work or for comfort, in both the conditions, the light of this screen of our eyes gets damaged. know How to Protect the Eyes from Screen Light tips.

How to Protect the Eyes from Screen Light Tips

By the way, let us tell you that the light of any screen for a long time is very harmful for the eyes and the skin around it. If your eyes always look tired and dry, there is more redness in the eyes, itching, frequent headaches, blurred vision or dark circles under the eyes. So understand that its bad effect on your eyes has started. In such a situation, you need to protect your eyes from the risk light of the screen (How to Protect the Eyes from Screen Light) and take care of them. That’s why we have brought some such useful tips for you that will help protect your eyes from the light of the screen. (How to Protect the Eyes from Screen Light Tips)

1. While working on a computer or laptop, keep in mind that the distance between the computer and your eyes is 20 inches. That is, your hands should be as far apart.

2. The blue light emitted from the screen puts pressure on our eyes. That’s why dim the light of your mobile phone and download the blue light filter app for laptop or computer and choose only light yellow light for the screen.

3. Apart from this, you can also work with glasses with screen guard to avoid the ill effects of screen light. This will stop the brightness coming from the computer screen hitting the glass of your glasses.

4. Always keep the 2020 formula in mind. To follow this, take a break of 20 minutes in between work and look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

5. Try that the computer monitor is not under any light, as well as the upper part of the screen should be equal to your eyes, do not keep the computer screen too high or low.

6. Spending most of the time in front of the screen makes the eyes dry. If so, immediately wash your eyes with water.

7. Rub the palms of your hands together and then place them gently on your eyes, applying the heat produced by rubbing the palms together on the eyes.

8. Keep blinking frequently while working on the computer. It does not strain the eyes.

9. If your eyes start twitching and are in pain while watching the screen, then turn off the screen for a while and sit with your eyes quiet. After this, apply light pressure on the eye socket ball with your fingers.

10. To avoid dark circles, keep the used green tea bag in the fridge and after 1 hour keep it on the eyes for 10 minutes. (How to Protect the Eyes from Screen Light Tips)

11. If you spend a lot of time on the screen, then give rest to the eyes in between. Spend less time on mobile and read books. (How to Protect the Eyes from Screen Light Tips)

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