Brides Should Note These Dos and Don’t For Red lipstick on Wedding Day

Red has its own special place in bridal fashion and makeup. Nowadays, if brides are wearing their outfits in pastel shades, they prefer to adopt a bold look with makeup and those who are adopting bold and traditional color outfits like red color (Red lipstick on Wedding Day), they like to balance their look with minimal makeup.

Be it haldi, mehendi, griha pravesh or reception, there are many occasions when the bride can apply red lipstick. If these things are taken care of before applying red lips, then the bride can save her bridal looks from every beauty mistake.

Brides Should Note These Dos and Don't For Red lipstick on Wedding Day

Before applying bold red lipstick, note what are the right things to do and what things are not right.

Remember this with Red lipstick on Wedding Day

1. There is every type of red shade in the market. Do not decide your shade by looking at someone else’s red lipstick or shade. Choose red color according to your skin tone.

2. Experts recommend using lip liner to line the lips while applying a bold lip color such as red.

3. Before applying red lipstick, apply lip balm or lip primer on the lips. This keeps the lips smooth and makes it easier to apply lipstick. By using lip primer, the lipstick stays on for a long time.

4. Always apply bold lip color with a brush. Lips look clean by applying lipstick with a brush.

5. By applying concealer or foundation around the lips, the look looks clean.

Avoid doing These Things

1. Avoid applying gloss with red lipstick. Glossy red lips spread very easily and do not last longer than matte finish lipsticks.

2. If you want to make your looks gorgeous with a bold red lip, then do not highlight any feature other than the red lip. Don’t highlight the eyes either.

3. Do not forget to exfoliate the lips before applying any bold lip color not only red. Bold lip colors never look good on chapped lips.

4. It is a good thing to apply foundation before applying bold lip color on the lips, but keep in mind that the shade of the foundation should not be too light. When this happens, there is no fear of changing the shade of red.

5. While lining the lips, keep in mind that the liner is not overused or the shape of the lips does not come apart from the natural. This will make the lips look fake.