Self Defense Products to Carry in Your Bag If You are Traveling Alone

Self Defense Products to Carry in Your Bag If You are Traveling Alone

It would not be wrong to say that women or women traveling alone have to face a lot of problems and they have to always prepare themselves for the many challenges that come before them. Because of this, if you also like to travel solo and you are planning to go on a solo trip somewhere, then here we have brought some such safety products for you which should always be in your purse or hand bag and you should know about (Self Defense Products to Carry in Your Bag) these things. They should be kept in such a place from where you can take them out and use them immediately when needed.

Although every woman knows that the outside world is not safe for them, but still there are many women who do not keep anything with them for safety and because of this we are going to tell you some such safety options, which you can take a lot of. You can carry it easily and you will get these things easily in the market too. If you want, you can keep them in your pocket or bag anywhere (Self Defense Products).


Sirona’s Empower Paper Spray is a must carry with you on solo trips and it is also very easy to carry. It has been designed in such a way that you can easily use it in times of trouble. Actually, this paper spray also comes with pocket and belt clip, due to which it becomes very easy to carry. Also it has a long nose, with the help of which the stream goes far. At the same time, its body has been designed in such a way that it becomes very easy to hold it. Also, the effect of this paper spray lasts for 45 minutes.

Safety Rods

These are foldable metal rods that you can easily carry with you while traveling alone. The weight of this rod is very less and it can give a sharp injury to anyone in one go. You can even keep it in your car if you want, especially when you are traveling alone on the highway. In difficult times, you can use this stick to protect yourself.

Small Knife

Even though hearing a knife may make you feel a little strange or unsafe, but in some circumstances it can not only save your life but if you get stuck somewhere, it can also help you to get out of there. It can be used as a defense tool as well as for many tasks like unlocking locks, cutting wood, etc. Also, the easiest way to carry it is with a nail cutter. If you want, you can also buy a Swiss knife as it is very sharp and good.

Self Defense Keychain

You can make normal use of this type of keychain and if you want to make it a weapon, then all you have to do is hold it well in your hand and it will become a self-defense weapon for you. It is so intimidating that when the attacker sees such a thing in your hand, he will think before attacking you and may change his mind. And if he even tries to come close to you, the sharp object in front of him can seem very sharp and make his condition worse.

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