Mira Rajput Believes in Skin Fasting For Healthy Skin

The way 10 step, 7 step skin care has been trending on social media, similarly the concept of skin fasting is also being liked a lot among beauty influencers and beauty lovers. Recently Mira Rajput has also talked about skin fasting in her skincare. Told in his latest blog that he likes to do skin fasting in his skincare. If you also want flawless skin like Meera and want to try skin fasting, then definitely know these things-

What is Skin Fasting

Just like we do not eat anything for the whole day in fasting, in the same way skin fasting is not given any kind of external nutrition for a day, week or month no skin care product is used. Is. This is so that the skin can breathe for a while. This is to give the skin time to heal and repair itself naturally after applying active and acid-rich products to the skin every day. During this, it is avoided to use any kind of toner, cleanser, serum etc. on the skin.

For How Many Days Can You do Skin Fasting?

Like Mira, you can choose any day of the week. This is the safest way to test this trend as not using your skincare products for just one day will not irritate your skin and give it enough time to breathe naturally.

Skin fasting for a long time should be tried only by those people who have had to undergo redness, swelling or any kind of reaction in the skin or whose skin is suffering from infections. In such a situation, it is advisable to use only essential products like sunscreen or moisturizer.

If you want to make your skin feel light, try Mira’s method. But if your skin needs a complete reboot because it has shown intolerance to a particular kind of care, you can try skin fasting for a few weeks. In this process, take care of your skin’s needs and see how your skin is responding.

Try to keep the healthy with natural ingredients during fasting and use any cosmetic product to a minimum. For example, if the skin is dry, you can apply aloe vera gel or you can moisturize the skin by applying honey for some time.

What are the Benefits-

1. The skin gets time to breathe and the skin rejuvenates.

2. It helps in healing the skin.

3. It helps in rebuilding the lipid barrier of the skin.

4. It protects the natural moisture of the skin.

5. This helps in re-adding the skin care products one by one to the skin care regimen.

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