What is Skin Pilling – 10 Causes and Home Remedies

Taking care of skin is not easy at all. Even if you have the best products but still sometimes you do not get good results

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What is Skin Pilling, Know its Causes and Home Remedies

Taking care of skin is not easy at all. Even if you have the best products but still sometimes you do not get good results due to skin Pilling. So if you also want to know what is skin peeling and how to get rid of it, then stay with us till the end of this article and get answers to your questions.

What is Skin Pilling?

Moisturizers and serums are some of the skincare products that cause small clumps to form on your skin. After this, due to using too many products, the granules of these products pile up on your skin. According to experts, when you use many types of skin care products on the skin and they are not absorbed in the skin, then they settle on the upper part of the skin (Skin Pilling). When we rub skincare products on the skin and it is not absorbed, it becomes the cause of skin peeling.

Cause For Skin Pilling

The main reason for this is not layering skincare products properly. Also, the reason for this can also be that you are using the thick formula incorrectly. You should always follow an order or a method for applying skincare products. Always apply toner or serum on the skin first. After this moisturizer, essential oil and sunscreen etc. should be applied. Also, always apply water based formula first and only then move on to oil based formula because if you apply oil based formula first then your skin is not able to absorb water based formula.

Apart from this, you should also take care of the amount of skincare product you are applying. Sometimes if you rub the skin harshly, it can also lead to pilling (Skin Pilling). If your skincare product is not getting absorbed by just patting, then it may be that you are applying too much skincare product or you are using too many skincare products at once and or that skincare product is yours. Does not suit the skin.

How to Stop Skin Pilling

Do note that silicone, the main ingredient used for skincare, causes pilling. Silicone forms a layer on your skin and locks in the moisture to give you a glowing skin. For this reason, always check the product’s ingredients and completely remove the silicone from your products to avoid peeling of the skin (Skin Pilling).

Always go from thin product to thick product. Always apply a water based product first and then a thick cream based product. With this help, we apply less product containing active ingredients and this leads to less layering and better absorption of all the products into the skin. Keep in mind that after applying each product, keep a gap of at least 1 to 2 minutes so that the product is completely absorbed into the skin. With its help, you can prevent pilling.

Apart from this, if you exfoliate your skin before using skincare products, then it helps you a lot. This block opens up the pores and also removes dust and dirt from the face, but while doing so keep in mind that skin peeling can happen even on excessively exfoliated skin.

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