Sonam Kapoor Dress Trolled on Social Media, Fans Made Strange Comments

Sonam Kapoor's Dress Trolled on Social Media, Fans Made Strange Comments

As you know, whenever Celebrities’ carry an unusual outfit, users troll them on social media. By the way, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor (Sonam Dress) is known for her fashion sense. His look has always been liked by the fans. But recently, Sonam Kapoor got a photoshoot done wearing the same strange outfit that the fans were surprised to see her look.

Sonam Kapoor has shared pictures of the latest photoshoot on her Instagram account. In these photos, Sonam Kapoor is seen wearing a white dress. This dress of Sonam Kapoor has come under tremendous discussion. Check out some pictures of this strange outfit of hers.


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Actually, Sonam Kapoor is carrying an off white long full cover outfit. Even everything is normal, but the figure of a female body has been drawn on this dress.

Seeing the art of female body figure, users are questioning the fashion sense of Sonam Kapoor. Not only this, people are also trolling him by making strange comments. Some say that this outfit is looking vulgar and some are scary. At the same time, some people are seen instructing Sonam Kapoor not to meet Ranveer Singh.

Sharing this photoshoot on her social account, Sonam Kapoor wrote in the caption, “My friend was working on this passion project for five years. They hosted a grand opening dinner to celebrate it.”

We all know that Bollywood’s fashionista Sonam Kapoor remains in the news every day due to her experiments with outfits. But this time, seeing his style, people’s heads have completely turned around. Seeing her outfit, people are not able to understand what she is trying to explain.

Sonam Kapoor's Dress Trolled on Social Media, Fans Made Strange Comments

However, if we talk about Sonam Kapoor’s over look with this dress, then she is looking very beautiful in this extrarangi dress too. He has tied his hair upwards. Along with this, red lipstick and beautiful earrings are also looking great with the dress.

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