Sour Foods Craving during Pregnancy

Food craving increase the most in women during pregnancy. During this, they have different excitement towards food. Some like to eat sweet, while some like spicy. But, most women run more towards sour food during pregnancy.

Have you ever wondered why women feel like eating sour during pregnancy. What happens in women during pregnancy, which they are forced to eat sour. There are many reasons behind the craving for sour food during pregnancy. In this article, we will discuss this topic in detail. Let us know about the main reasons for the craving of sour food in women during pregnancy.

Sour Foods Craving during Pregnancy

It is common for women to have an urge to eat sour during pregnancy. Below are some reasons for this.

  • According to researchers, the craving for sour food during pregnancy is due to fluctuations in hormones.
  • In addition, the sodium level in a woman’s body decreases during pregnancy. Because of this, it can also be one of the reasons for the pregnant craving for sour food.
  • Sometimes due to emotional stress can also make pregnant feel like eating sour.

Is it safe to Eat Sour Food during Pregnancy?

Whether eating sour during pregnancy is safe or not, it depends on what the pregnant woman is consuming in the form of sour. Sour things like Amla, Lemon, Carrie etc. are rich in Vitamin-C. Their consumption can provide protection from many seasonal diseases along with boosting the immune system. Therefore, consuming them in limited quantities is considered safe.

At the same time, if pregnant is consuming pickle, then salt is present in high amount in it. Its consumption can cause problems related to blood pressure. Therefore, it is very important to take care of what pregnant women consume in the form of citrus. You can consult your doctor about what sour things pregnant should consume and what to avoid as a safety.

Benefits of Eating Sour Things during Pregnancy

It has been mentioned above in the article that the benefits of eating sour things during pregnancy, depend on what things the pregnant consumes in the form of sour. Below are telling about the benefits of consuming vitamin-C rich citrus fruits like orange, kiwi, strawberry etc. in pregnancy, which are as follows:

1. Boosts Immune System – During pregnancy, the immune system of women becomes weak. At the same time, vitamin-C strengthens the immune system. In this way, consumption of citrus fruits containing vitamin-C during pregnancy can be helpful in keeping the immune system healthy.

2. Helpful in fetal development- Consumption of citrus fruits containing vitamin-C during pregnancy can help in the development of the fetus. Actually, collagen is needed for the development of the baby in the womb and vitamin-C plays an important role in making collagen.

3. Constipation Relief- It is very common to complain of constipation during pregnancy. Vitamin-C supplementation can prevent this. In this way, one benefit of eating citrus fruits in pregnancy can be prevention of constipation.

4. Eliminate iron deficiency- It is advisable to consume iron-rich things to prevent anemia in pregnancy. Vitamin-C helps in maintaining the level of hemoglobin in the body by absorbing iron. In this way, one benefit of consuming vitamin-C rich fruits in the form of citrus during pregnancy can be prevention of anemia.

After reading this article based on sour food in pregnancy, you must have understood how important it is for pregnant women to choose the right food options at such times. Hope all your doubts will be cleared after reading this article. Happy pregnancy.

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