How to Stop Sugar Cravings – Causes, Side Effects of Sugar Cravings

How to Stop Sugar Cravings – Causes, Side Effects of Sugar Cravings

It is a custom in India to have something sweet on every special occasion. Most of the people here like to eat sweets and this is the reason that different types of sweets are prepared in our country on different occasions. On seeing them, such water comes in the mouth that even after wishing, one cannot stay away from it. This is the reason that due to the fondness of sweets in India, people are facing many health problems. know How to Stop Sugar Cravings.

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

A person needs 30 grams of sugar throughout the day, which makes him feel energetic throughout the day. But due to sugar cravings, people eat so much sweets throughout the day that they develop the problem of diabetes, obesity and unbalanced blood pressure. If you also have a craving for sugar and you cannot stop yourself from taking sugar, then read this article (sugar control tips).

What is Sugar Craving?

Some people have the habit of eating sweets, but when this habit becomes a problem, then it should be removed. However, people who have sugar cravings, they are not able to stay away from sweet even if they want to because their mind is attracted towards sweet again and again. Because of this, they can also have many health problems. Let us tell you that people who have sugar cravings (How to Stop Sugar Cravings), they start having a desire to eat sweets even in the middle of the night or whenever they feel happy or sad, their mind tends to eat sweets. So if you are also having sugar cravings, then be alert immediately.

Causes of Sugar Cravings

There are many reasons for having sugar cravings in our body. It is very important for you to know them. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Reasons for Tension

Sugar cravings are more for those people, who like sweets, but experts believe that even if there is any stress in life or you are in depression, then there are frequent sugar cravings. Stress hormones are secreted in the taste cells of the mouth, and under stress they affect not only taste but also the desire to eat sweets. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

High Carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrates are high in Indian cuisine. Due to this, there is a lack of sugar in our body and there is a craving to eat something sweet. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Symptoms of Diabetes

By eating too much sugar, you start feeling more thirsty. Due to increased sugar in the blood, the body needs more water to bring the blood in the flow, due to which thirst starts feeling more. This is a kind of symptom of pre diabetes. This means that if the craving for sugar is increasing, then you may have diabetes. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Changing Lifestyle

In changing lifestyle, people prefer to eat diet like pizza, burger, chips, bakery foods, cold drinks etc. instead of healthy foods and then gradually such food items become part of lifestyle and when they are away from them, they Sugar cravings start happening. Actually all these food items make the body accustomed to taking sugar. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Due to Fatigue

You follow the diet properly throughout the day. Eat everything healthy. But in the evening, you get so tired from the gym or dieting that if you do not want to make anything else, then you eat a chocolate or donut. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Disadvantages of Sugar Cravings – Side Effects of Sugar Cravings

Elderly elders say that excess of anything is not good and if you do too much of anything, you get nothing but harm from it. Same is the case with your food. Some people like to eat sweet food and some like salty. Most people do not care about the harm caused by it while eating sweets if all these are eaten in excess, then they can also harm you. Let us know what are the disadvantages of eating sweets again and again due to sugar cravings. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)


The biggest effect of sugar cravings is on weight, because obesity increases due to repeated consumption of sweets. Due to this, many diseases start hovering around you to take you in their clutches, in which heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, prostate cancer etc. Obesity is a complex problem and sugar is its biggest source. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)


Consuming sugar increases the amount of sugar in the blood and due to this, the risk of diabetes increases. Eating too much sugar can lead to a risk disease like diabetes. People who have diabetes, doctors often instruct them to abstain from sweets. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Heart Attack

Consumption of sugar in excess amount than required calls for heart disease. People who consume more sugar, they remain afraid of heart attack. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)


Like obesity and diabetes, rising cholesterol levels also call for heart disease. There is a lot of evidence that high amounts of sugar promote bad cholesterol. To control cholesterol, one should avoid consuming sugar and foods made from its use. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)


Eating too much sugar can also increase the risk of Alzheimer’s in old age. A new study has claimed that the risk of Alzheimer’s is four times increased in the elderly who eat a diet high in carbohydrates and sugar.

Ways to Reduce Sugar Cravings

How to Stop Sugar Cravings – Causes, Side Effects of Sugar Cravings

Some people have such a strong desire to eat sweets that if they do not eat sweets once a day, then they feel the lack of it throughout the day. So if you also have a craving for sugar, then we are telling you ways to reduce it. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Consume Natural Sugar

No matter how hard some people try, they cannot kill their mind. Therefore such people can consume natural sugar. Consuming sugar naturally is less harmful. Along with natural sugars in fruits, vegetables, etc., there are also other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It helps in limiting the level of sugar in the blood and regulates the level of dopamine. Therefore, whenever you feel like eating something with natural sugar, you can reduce your cravings. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Consume Less Sugar

Even after trying a lot, if the craving for sugar is not reducing, then do not worry. We know that it is the habit of many people to eat something sweet after lunch or dinner. Therefore, whenever you feel like eating sweets, then start eating half or half as compared to before. This will also calm your cravings and the damage will not be too much. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Decide the Amount of Sugar

To keep yourself healthy, decide in your daily routine how much sugar you have to take. You can drink water for this. When there is a shortage of water in the body, it leads to craving for sweet food. So drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. The body will remain hydrated and sweet will not get much attention. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Eat Mineral rich Food

People who lack minerals in their body, they have cravings for sugar from time to time, so eat mineral-rich food to reduce the amount of sugar in the body. In fact, to control the level of sugar in the blood and keep the heart healthy, we need a good amount of minerals like chromium, zinc, magnesium etc. Therefore, to prevent sugar cravings, eat more and more green leafy vegetables, beetroot and nuts. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Hot Water Shower

Taking a bath with hot water lowers the sugar level in the body, which ends the sugar cravings in the mind. Therefore, if you are having excessive sugar cravings in your mind, then you can take a hot water shower. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Habit of Walking

The best way to reduce sugar cravings is to go for a walk. When you take a walk instead of eating sugar, your mind changes. Experts believe that walking helps in curbing sugar cravings.


When the stomach is full, then the brain locks on the craving for anything, so at that time there is no desire to eat anything. Try to always eat food full of stomach so that there is no craving for sugar.

Including These 5 Habits in Daily Routine will not Cause Sugar Cravings

If you want to reduce the craving for sugar, then by adopting these habits in your daily diet, get rid of the cravings that harm the body. (How to Stop Sugar Cravings)

Protein Diet

Include protein in your daily diet. Along with giving energy to the body, it also prevents the increase in sugar level. Include spinach, cabbage, green vegetables, bitter gourd, cucumber, tomato etc. in the diet. Apart from this, eat eggs, fish and chicken as well. Fitness coaches say that consuming protein and healthy fats does not make you crave sweets.

Eat Fresh Fruits Everyday

Fruits contain natural sugar, which is not harmful to health. Therefore, it is beneficial to eat fresh fruits every morning. Along with this, eating fruits does not make you want to eat sweets and you are saved from harmful unnatural sugar.

Benefits of Lemon

Taking a few spoons of lemon juice a day reduces the sugar level in the blood by 8 to 12 percent. Therefore, eat lemon juice on salads or vegetables daily. With this your mind will not run towards sweet.

Plenty of Sleep is Essential

Due to lack of sleep, the energy level remains low throughout the day. Because of this, sugar cravings start increasing again and again. It is important to get enough sleep for eight hours daily. This greatly reduces sugar cravings.

Make a Habit of Sugar Free

Every day try to use more and more sugar free products in the food. They contain 300 times less sugar. Due to this sugar will be controlled and you will also be saved from diseases.

FAQ’s About Sugar Cravings

Q1. Why do you always crave sugar under stress?

Ans: When the brain is under stress, hormones called glucocorticoids are activated in the body. These affect the taste cells, causing the urge to eat sweets.

Q2. In case of excessive craving for sugar, sweet curd can be taken instead of sweets. Does it also harm the body?

Ans: If you are eating curd mixed with sugar, then it is not right. You can also include leavened foods in your diet, they are naturally sweet. Along with this, the elements present in them eliminate the cravings of sweets.

Q3. Stopping sweet food makes you feel lethargic and sleep throughout the day. So what to do?

Ans: A person needs only 30 grams of sugar in a day, which makes him feel energetic throughout the day. But if you feel lethargic then you can take a small amount of sugar.

Q4. Does sugar cravings weaken memory?

Ans: When you eat more sweets due to sugar cravings, the amount of sugar in your blood increases. Due to the dissolved sugar in the blood, it hinders the work of the brain and weakens the nerves. If you have a habit of eating too much sweets every day, then in the long run your brain gets damaged, the first effect of which is on your memory.

Q5. If you want to eat sweets, can you eat sweet apples?

Ans: Yes, apples can be eaten, but if you use vinegar instead of apples, then it will be better. Put 1- 2 teaspoons of vinegar in a water bottle and slowly eliminate it throughout the day. This will not make you want to eat sweets. Consuming apple cider vinegar daily reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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