Tips For Sweat Proof Makeup in Summer Season

Tips For Sweat Proof Makeup in Summer Season

Sweating is inevitable in the summer season, but many people complain of excessive sweating on the face. In such a situation, far from doing makeup, even her moisturizer cream is not able to stay on her face. Although doing sweat proof makeup was a bit difficult in the first few years. But now many such makeup products have come in the market which help you to get sweat proof makeup look in summer. But most people do not even know about this. Here we are giving you some such tips today, with the help of which your makeup in summer will not get spoiled due to sweat, but will make your face look fresh for a long time. So let’s know what things to keep in mind while doing Sweat Proof Makeup Tips.

Tips For Sweat Proof Makeup in Summer Season

Clean face with ice cube

If the base of your face is clean, then the makeup will last for a long time. For sweat proof makeup, you need to clean your face with ice cubes or cold water. By doing this the pores of your face will shrink so that sweating will not happen. Before applying makeup, if you massage the ice cube well on your face, then you will never get spoiled due to sweating.

Tips For Sweat Proof Makeup in Summer Season

Make sure to use primer

Some girls complain that no matter how many good brands of products they use, they do not last long on their skin. Especially in summers, due to sweating, makeup does not stay for even a few hours. That is why if you want a sweatproof makeup look, then after moisturizer, use a primer on the face. Because by using a primer, less sweat comes out of the pores, due to which the makeup lasts longer. It also protects the skin from dust and dirt.

Apply waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

Yes, you must include waterproof mascara and eyeliner in your beauty box. By using them, your mascara and eyeliner will not tangle even in sweat. They will give you full support in every season. They are needed the most, especially in the summer and monsoon season.

Use less foundation

Using more creamy or liquid foundation keeps the moisture in the face. That is why either use powder based foundation or apply CC or BB cream. By doing this the makeup remains waterproof.

Tips For Sweat Proof Makeup in Summer Season

Use matte lipstick

Glossy and creamy lipstick tends to flow easily in humid weather. Hence, use matte lipsticks. If matte lipstick is not available with you, then by applying 3 to 4 code of lip liner, you can make up for this shortcoming.

Apply Translucent Setting Powder

We usually use face powder but translucent setting powder is used for special professional makeup. Especially it is best for sweat proof makeup. Apply it on the face with the help of a brush and then you will see how your makeup will not budge even in summer.

use setting spray

The setting spray helps to set makeup while simultaneously promoting instant hydration to the skin. Think of it as the finish touch of your makeup. After you’re done with your makeup, spray face with a setting spray and let dry. The trick is to sprinkle it in small portions, spreading it evenly over the skin. Give it a few seconds to dry.

Always keep Blotting Paper with you

Always keep blotting papers in your bag if you tend to sweat profusely. If you are out of the house and you feel that sweating is about to start, then you can use blotting paper to dry it without spoiling the makeup.

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