Tips to Take Care of Short Hair Before D-Day

Take Care of Short Hair Before D-Day

Weddings are very stressful but still they are such a moment in the life of any bride, for which she waits for her whole life. However, while preparing for the wedding, you have to take care of many things and it also takes a lot of time as well as writing down each and every thing so that you do not forget anything. Well, in such a situation, some things may be missed, but how can you leave the bride’s hair. Because of this, if you have short hair, then by following these tips a month before D-day, you can take care of your short hair.

Good Head Massage with oil

Want shiny hair on your D-day? Massage your scalp with a good oil. This will help your hair get all the shine and nutrients it needs, while also striving to keep them as healthy as possible. Oiling your hair should be a regular standard that should be followed according to your hair type whereas a head massage is a good way to relax.

Do not undergo any Chemical Treatment

If only one month is left for your marriage then you should not get any chemical treatment on your hair. This can have a positive or negative effect on your hair and it may not make your hair look good on your wedding day.

If your hair treatment does not go according to plan, then it can spoil your mood and it is also very difficult to change it in a short time and because of this you should not go for chemical treatment. Instead you should not try anything like this.


Get Hair Trimmed

Now that there is only one month left for your marriage, then you should trim your hair because within a month your hair will grow as much and because of this, you must get your hair trimmed. Let us tell here that when we get a new hair cut, the hair is not set immediately and because of this, if you want to keep the hair set on your wedding, then get the hair cut a month before so that your hair gets set. Get the necessary time.

Deep Conditioning

Now that one month is left for the wedding, then you should take proper care of your hair. For this you can do deep conditioning. This will give your hair the necessary nutrients. Along with this, the shine of your hair will also increase and your hair will look good on your wedding.

Add juices and fruits to your Diet

After deep conditioning and oiling, you should now add juices and fruits to your diet as they will not only improve your health and immunity but will also have a positive effect on your face and hair.

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