Thin: Know These 3 Myths Related to Being Thin

You look like a bone structure Eat something. You are too fat, eat less. Your complexion is dark, do facials regularly. You are too white. We all have heard such comments at some point or the other in our life. There are some people who have a habit of poking others and why not, after all we live in a body shaming world (Thin).

If you think that you are a little overweight and because of this you have to listen to people’s taunts, then once ask those people who are too skinny. You will find many such people around you who will not leave any chance to taunt you. Many myths also come with such taunts and in this article we are going to tell you about some of these myths.

Myth 1 – You can eat anything

Truth – It’s time for us to realize that skinny people are human too and no, they can’t eat tons of cakes, pastries, packets of chips and all that junk you can think of. It is a human body, no matter what size it is, but it demands healthy food at all costs.

Myth 2 – You are too skinny and you barely need any space to fit

Truth – Most girls would agree with us that everyone needs space and comfort. Being slim doesn’t mean that one can fit in even the smallest of spaces. So, the next time you think of making someone fit when there’s no room for them, do them a favor by not asking them to fit in.

Myth 3 – You eat less – Thin

Truth – There are many medical conditions that can result in weight gain or loss, thyroid being one of them, no matter how often one eats or not. Try putting yourself in people’s place before passing judgment. A human body can already do a lot, and nobody likes your unsolicited opinion.

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