Tips to Protect Hair from Summer Sun Heat

Tips to Protect Hair from Summer Sun Heat

Summer season is the season of holidays, vacations and free travel. But the hot air moving with the scorching sun and the increased mercury in this season causes a lot of damage to the skin as well as our hair. In this season, by keeping these 6 (Tips to Protect Hair) things in mind in your hair care, you can always keep your hair healthy.

Tips to Protect Hair from Summer Sun Heat

Tips to Protect Hair from Summer Sun Heat

1. Detangle

Comb and detangle hair thoroughly before bathing or getting into the shower. By doing this, the hair breaks less after soaking or during shampooing. The strong, hot wind blowing in the summer tends to tangle the hair quickly.

2. Use Hair Serum

In this season, applying a little serum to the hair can also protect the hair from sun damage. The serum acts as a protective shield between the hair and the sun.

3. Keep The Hairstyle Loose

In this season, it is very common to make a top knot or tie the hair in a tight way due to the heat. But in this season, due to sweating in the head, the hair starts breaking quickly. In this season, it is better to make loose hairstyles in the hair than any kind of tight hair do.


4. Keep Natural Hair

In the summer season, the outside temperature is enough to damage the hair. In such a situation, avoid using any kind of styling products or heating tools on the hair in this season. Use a braid or hair band to style your hair this season.

5. Hydrate

Hair needs constant hydration during the summer season. Apart from hydrating your hair with mild shampoos, conditioners and serums, they also need extra care throughout the day. For this, mix water, aloe Vera gel and coconut oil in a spray bottle. Spray it on your hair whenever it feels hair dry.

6. Cover

Both the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun and the high heat are enough to damage the hair. So whenever you go out in the sun, do not forget to cover your hair with a hat or scarf.

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