Role of Vitamin C in Skin Diseases like Eczema

Role of Vitamin C in Skin Diseases like Eczema

Girls do not tolerate even a pimple on their face. Like all girls, I also love my skin. To pamper it, I used to use expensive beauty products (Vitamin C in Skin). A few months ago, small pimples appeared on my face. I didn’t take them seriously.

I thought it might have been due to the heat. Gradually, he started complaining of itching. These started to look like red rashes and spread all over the face. If I used face wash or moisturizer, I used to get a sharp prick on the face. I thought maybe some product is not suiting me. I changed everything from face wash to night cream, but my face kept getting worse.

Role of Vitamin C in Skin Diseases like Eczema

I couldn’t understand what had happened to me all of a sudden. My face used to be so itchy that many times my face started bleeding. I didn’t even like looking at myself in the mirror. I was hesitant to meet people. When someone came to the house, she used to sit in another room. Due to work from home, I used to have daily online meetings, in which I started keeping my camera off. I didn’t feel like leaving my room. I was tensed seeing my face deteriorating so much. I didn’t feel like anything.

Then one day I went with my mother to Delhi to show my face to a dermatologist. He told that these red spots on my face are of eczema. I should have contacted him in the beginning. I asked him if my face would be fine, then he told me there is no need to take tension at all. Your face will be back as before. He forbade me to use all skin care products on my face. Along with this, medicines and lotions were given to apply.

Role of Vitamin C in Skin Diseases like Eczema

Gradually, the effect started showing on the skin, my face started getting a little better than before with the medicines and lotions given by the doctor. All the marks on the face started getting lighter and itching also started decreasing. I used to visit the doctor regularly every week. The rashes on my face were gone as compared to before, but due to the application of lotion, the skin looked very lifeless.

The doctor advised me to use natural and mild products containing Vitamin-C. Because vitamin-C is believed to be effective in reducing the symptoms of eczema to a great extent. I was always very sharp in terms of beauty. All my friends used to consult me ​​on beauty and skin care products. But today the day had come that I could not understand which product to choose. I read about all the natural skin care products from ingredients to reviews. Then I came to know about The Moms Co company.

I saw that this company claims that no harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, toxins, artificial fragrances etc. are used in their products. All their products are dermatologist tested. After this, I also saw reviews of its products on different platforms on social media. To a large extent, I was attracted by its products. Then I ordered Natural Vitamin-C Face Wash and Natural Vitamin-C Face Cream from their products.

These products were delivered in three to four days. When I was about to use them for the first time, I was very scared to remember the old days. I applied both these products for a week, after which I saw good results on my face. It was as if my face had come alive once again.

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To keep the skin hydrated, I used to apply this cream twice a day after washing my face (Vitamin C in Skin). In the morning and at night before sleeping. The minor rashes on my face were also starting to lighten up. My confidence started coming back. Now I do not shy away from meeting people and keep the camera on even in office meetings.