Vitamin C Skin Care Benefits for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

There is a lot of strictness regarding the use of skin care products for pregnant and lactating women. In both the situations, extra care has to be taken of the skin, as the hormonal changes during pregnancy knock many skin related problems, which continue even after delivery. In such a situation, a face cream containing vitamin C (Skin care) can overcome some of your problems. In this article, we will know in detail about this topic.

Is it safe to use vitamin C for pregnant and breastfeeding women (Skin care)

Most skin care products are prohibited by women during pregnancy and breastfeeding because they contain chemicals that can harm the baby. However, vitamin-C is one such safe ingredient in skin care products that both pregnant and new moms are allowed to use. This is confirmed by many different researches.

According to a research paper published on the website of NCBI, the use of vitamin-C for the skin in pregnancy is safe. It acts as a powerful antioxidant. At the same time, another research shows that even new moms can use vitamin-C for skin care.

It provides many benefits to the skin, such as it slows down the process of oxidation. The production of collagen is essential in the skin to prevent the signs of aging. It also helps in boosting collagen. Along with this, it is also useful to keep the skin hydrated. In this way, it can be a better step for pregnant and breastfeeding women to include a face cream containing vitamin-C in the skin care routine.

How Pregnant Women And New Moms Choose Face Cream Containing Vitamin-C

In fact, the market is full of Vitamin-C skin care products. But, keeping in mind the safety of the baby, choose dermatologist and clinically tested products. While taking a skin care product containing Vitamin-C, check the list of its ingredients once. It may contain other chemicals that may not be safe for the baby. It is better to choose natural products.

If you are worried about which of the many vitamin-C rich face creams available in the market is better for you, then we reduce your troubles a little. You can buy the Natural Brightening Vitamin C Face Cream with Vitamin C produced by The Moms Co. It is 100% natural and dermatologist tested. Talking about the ingredients of this cream, squalene, ferulic acid and Canadian willow herb have been used along with vitamin-C in it.

Vitamin-C Face Cream Reviews

Below are the reviews shared by some women after using this cream, which are as follows:

Maanvi posted and wrote, “Due to breastfeed my baby, I used to get scared while using any product. But this cream solved all my skin problems. My skin looks soft and refreshed.”

Roopa said, “The special thing about face creams should be that there is no age restriction. I want a cream which is perfect for both my face and my mother’s face. We have found a solution for our skin.”

Sharing her experience, Moushumi said, “I didn’t get any time to pamper my skin. It happens only once in a year that I go for a facial or a clean up. But just after using this cream, the glow of my face has returned.”

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Message shared by Bhavna Bedi, “I am first time pregnant. I was looking for safe products for my skin. One day while scrolling through Instagram, I saw Sonam Kapoor’s ad on why compromise with skin care even during pregnancy. I was very impressed by it. After that I did a thorough research on this cream of Moms Co along with other Vitamin C products. I am using these products right now and I have seen very good results from it. All thanks to the moms.

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