Know The Ways to Avoid The Scorching Heat

Know The Ways to Avoid The Scorching Heat

Scorching Heat: Many people like the summer season very much. Even if this season brings with it the king of fruits with sweet juice, mango and cold-cold ice cream. We can put on our own clothes, no extra burden of sweaters, and get done sitting comfortably in the air conditioner. But this weather is most painful for those people who have to go out of the house and go to work in the sun.

During this time many serious health problems like dehydration to sun damage, heat exhaustion and heatstroke knock at our door. In such a situation, it is necessary to take precautionary measures and be well prepared before the summer months arrive. Here we are telling you about the remedies to avoid the Scorching heat (garmi se bachne ke upay).

What is Scorching Heat

In the summer season, as long as you have to stay indoors, things look fine. To take care of your skin, along with adopting Summer Skin Care Tips, you can also consume fruits that cool the body. But as soon as the steps come out of the house, we have to know the ways to avoid the heat in the summer. We have already told you what to eat to avoid heatstroke, today we are telling you what is this scorching heat. Gone are the days when 30 degree Celsius temperature used to be a characteristic of summer day across North India including the capital.

Meteorologists predict that when the sun is upwards, the temperature can go up to 49 degrees Celsius. Especially the temperature of Delhi is not taking the name of coming down. Global warming and Delhi’s extreme climate have combined to create scorching heat for the residents of the capital. This time in summers, eating cucumber will not work for the skin, but ways to avoid the sun in summer (garmi aur lu se bachne ke upay) will also have to be found.

Tips to Avoid The Sun in Summer

1- Protect your eyes
2- Eat fruits that cool the body
3- Increase the number of trees and plants around you and take care of them
4- Take bath with cold water
5- Do not consume too much tea and coffee
6- Eat light food
7- Wear cotton clothes
8- Increase fluid intake

We have experienced several heat waves on the East Coast this summer. It is important that we take full care of ourselves during the summer season to avoid heat-related ailments like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It takes longer until the heat, when your body begins to lose its ability to regulate its core temperature. Applying heat can be extremely risk, it is also called heat stroke.

In such a situation, if someone has got excessive heat, then get out of the heat as soon as possible. Remove clothing and try to cool the person down by using a spray bottle with ice water, spraying with cold water, or giving them a cold shower. Apart from this, here we are telling you about the remedies to avoid the heat (garmi se kaise bache), which will be very useful to deal with the heat.

Eat Cool Fruits

By eating fruits that cool the body (Scorching Heat), heat can be avoided to a great extent. These fruits not only provide coolness to the body from inside but also keep you hydrated. By consuming them, there is no shortage of water in the body. Among these, the names of fruits rich in vitamin C, litchi, papaya, banana, and watermelon come on the top. These fruits will go a long way in beating the heat and cooling down your body.

Protect your Eyes

Excessive exposure to the sun can cause permanent damage to the eye. Strong sunlight exposure is also one of the primary causes of a bad headache. Protect your eyes and your eyesight by wearing some good sunglasses that provide UV protection. If you’re wearing prescription glasses, you should get lenses that have an extra layer of UV protection (Scorching Heat). Plus, using an active cooling gel eye mask can bring great relief to your eyes after a long and tiring day in the sun.

Take A Cold Water Bath

In the summer season, fire also rains from the water tank placed on the roof. In such a situation, taking a bath with such hot water can harm you a lot. At the same time, a splash of cold water can also make you feel refreshed. In such a situation, take bath with cold water twice a day. It will help to a great extent in keeping it fresh as well as save from heat. But keep in mind that the canal with cold water should not come out in the sun immediately. Doing so can make you sick. (Scorching Heat)

Increase The Number of Trees and Plants Around you and Take Care of Them

Increase the number of trees and plants around you. However, it is not the work of a few days but the work of weeks, months or years. But if there are trees and plants around, then the heat will naturally be felt less. Plant plants in the gallery of your home, in the courtyard or on the balcony. If possible, plant some plants indoors as well, they are known as indoor plants. Water the plants and trees daily to keep them hydrated as they can help keep the air around you clean. (Scorching Heat)

Don’t Drink Too Much Tea and Coffee

Consuming caffeine can also increase core body temperature. They constrict blood vessels which heats the blood and makes you feel hot and sweaty. Drink cold beverages like coconut water, lemonade and fruit juices. Even excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided. (Scorching Heat)

Wear Cotton Clothes

Wearing tight fit and dark colored clothes can make you sweat more. If you want to stay cool and avoid excessive sweating, wear loose, light-colored cotton clothes. Wearing thick or synthetic clothing can make you overheat. Also, wearing dark colored clothes will make you feel warm. (Scorching Heat)

Have a Light Meal

Eating heavy meals can also create heat in the body and make you feel uncomfortable. After a large meal, your body has to work harder to digest and metabolize the food. This eventually raises your core temperature and makes you feel sweaty and lethargic afterwards. Eat light and freshly cooked food during the summer season. Reduce intake of processed food and salty foods.

Increase Fluid Intake

Increase fluid intake during the summer season (Scorching Heat). Drink buttermilk, lassi, bale’s sherbet or sattu’s syrup as much as possible. Apart from this, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, if even after this you feel flame energy, then dissolve Glaucon D in water and drink it. Keep drinking lemon-water from time to time. Keep in mind that the liquids should be cold, not icy otherwise you may get other diseases.

If you like the remedies given here to escape the Scorching heat (garmi se bachne ke upay), then do not forget to share them with your friends and family.

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