Things to Remember before Giving Wedding Lehenga for Stitching

Things to Remember before Giving Wedding Lehenga for Stitching

The most important part of bridal fashion is the wedding lehenga. Your wedding dress either adds to your look or can spoil it. Because of this, it is very important to take care of everything from the color of the lehenga to its embroidery, design and fitting. Perfectly stitched lehenga makes you more confident and enhances your photos.

However, you do not get the wedding lehenga sewn everyday. Because of this, you must have a reliable tailor while getting the wedding lehenga tailored. If you are going to give your lehenga to be sewn soon, then you must keep these 5 things in mind.

Things to Remember before Giving Wedding Lehenga for Stitching Tips

Things to Remember before Giving Wedding Lehenga for Stitching

Don’t get lehenga sewn before 6 months of marriage

Even if you decide a few months before your wedding, what kind of lehenga you want to wear on your wedding, but never keep it pre-stitched. By doing this, you may not get your lehenga fit on your wedding day. This may be due to your weight gain or loss. Because of this, never keep your wedding dress sewn long in advance, otherwise you may not find it fit.

Be Sure about Plates

Talking about the skirt of your lehenga, it is very important that it fits snugly on your waist. Because you too would like your body to feel flattering. For this reason, tell your tailor not to make the belt too tight in your lehenga or keep it too loose, otherwise your plates may look strange. Your lehenga should be exactly according to your size. Also, make sure that it has a chain on its side, so that your lehenga looks neat and smart.

Can-Can is Essential

When it comes to wedding lehenga, can-can becomes very important. Actually, it gives a regal look to your skirt. However, you should also keep in mind the weight, length, fabric and color of your lehenga. Although many lehengas come with a can-can, but if you are not satisfied with that can-can, then you can get a separate can-can too.

Skirt Length

Make sure that your lehenga is neither too long nor too short. Remember that you will be wearing high heels with your wedding dress and therefore measure the length of your skirt by the belly button. Actually, lehengas are not high-waisted and because of this, if you take the length from the belly button, then it will be perfect. Also, it may be that when your weight increases, the length of your lehenga may make a difference. Because of this it is important that you get it sewn 2-3 months in advance.

Customize Lehenga

Actually, by customizing the lehenga, your look will look completely different. For this reason, do your research in advance. If you want a beautiful pendant in your lehenga, then find its design in advance. This will also save your time. If you want, you can also get pockets in your dress. So that you can keep the phone and lip balm in your pocket and you do not have to depend on others for this.

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