Why Should We Not Eat Curd During Monsoon

Eat Curd During Monsoon: There is a need to take more care of health during monsoon. This season also serves as a respite from the heat. But it also brings with it many diseases. Many health related problems have to be faced in the changing season. That’s why a healthy lifestyle should be adopted. There is a need to be more careful about food and drink. But according to Ayurveda experts, eating curd during monsoon is not good for health.

Eating it can cause harm to health. But do you know why curd should not be eaten in this season? What are the health benefits of eating curd in this season? Let us know what Ayurveda experts say on this. (Eat Curd During Monsoon)

Why Should We Not Eat Curd During Monsoon

According to Dr. RP Parashar, Ayurvedic Officer, Delhi MCD, consumption of curd in Sawan can cause skin problems like boils and pimples (Eat Curd During Monsoon). Apart from this, itching can also occur in the skin. That’s why you should avoid eating curd in this season. Along with this, eating curd in this season also increases the problem of fungal infection. That’s why avoid eating curd in the rainy season.

Disadvantages of Eating Curd in Sawan

  • Eating curd in this season spoils the metabolism.
  • You may have digestive problems.
  • This can lead to acidity and constipation.
  • This increases the risk of stomach infection.
  • Eating curd weakens your digestive system.
  • Eating curd during monsoon can also cause cough and cold problems and fever.
  • People who have lung problems. Eating curd can increase their problem.
  • Eating curd in this season can cause problems related to bones. Eating curd can cause joint pain.

What does Ayurveda Say

According to Ayurveda, dairy products things made of milk should not be consumed in the month of Sawan. Especially raw milk. This can lead to Vata (Bile and Kapha) diseases. Actually, the number of poisonous insects increases during the rainy season. Cow or buffalo eat many insects along with grass. That’s why milk becomes harmful instead of beneficial. That’s why milk should not be drunk in Sawan. This is the reason why Shiva is anointed with milk and curd in Sawan. (Eat Curd During Monsoon)

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