World Most Expensive Shawl But it is Banned in India, Know its Price

The demand for shawls increases the most in the winter season. Because along with looking fashionable with shawls, you also get an elegant look. Although nowadays there are many options of shawls available in the market, but most people prefer to take Pashmina shawls. You all must have heard the name Pashmina, Pashmina is considered one of the most expensive shawl. Very few people can afford it. But do you know? That there are such shawls in the market which are even ahead of Pashmina in terms of price.

Which is the Most Expensive Shawl in the World – Most Expensive Shawl Name Shahtoosh

Yes, we are talking about the shahtoosh shawl. The cost of this shawl is so expensive that a common man cannot even think of buying it. The price of Shahtoosh shawl is not 5, 10, 50 thousand but 15 lakh rupees.

Shawl is Banned in India

No one can buy this shawl in India as it is banned in India. In 1990, India also banned this shawl. Even after the ban in India, it was sold in Kashmir, but since 2000, its sale is completely closed.

How and where is Shahtoosh Shawl made?

Talking about the name Shahtoosh, it is a Persian word which means the king of wool. It is counted among the best grades of wool. The shahtoosh shawl is made from chiru’s hair (Most Expensive Shawl). Chiru is an animal like deer found in the hills of Tibet. 4 to 5 chiru are beaten to make this shawl. About 20,000 chiru are killed every year for the production of this shawl. This is the reason why it was banned in India.

Akbar’s favorite Shawl

This shawl originated during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century. It is believed that Akbar was very fond of these shawls. Shawl factories flourished during the Mughal rule. During the reign of Shah Jahan, Shahtoosh shawl was used only in the royal houses, but with the changing times it started being bought and sold. After some time this shawl became a symbol of prestige.

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